Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is becoming more popular as kitchens move from just being solely a place for food preparation to being a guest entertainment area, a family gathering spot and where daily routine tasks like homework, bill paying and family counseling take place. Our kitchen remodeling specialists take into account your needs, concerns and desired usage when designing your new space. Desert Home & Remodel’s keys to making kitchen remodeling successful are to define the project scope and help you design and construct an updated, expanded, and more efficient kitchen utilizing any or all of the following tasks:

Kitchen Remodeling Services

○ Removing Interior Walls
○ Changing or Adding Windows
○ Determining Number of Work Stations
○ Selecting Cabinetry
○ Design New Recessed, Accent and Under Cabinet Lighting
○ Picking Countertops & Backsplash Products
○ Choosing Flooring Material
○ Deciding on Kitchen Sinks & Plumbing Fixtures
○ Selecting New Appliances

Desert Home and Remodel loves to do kitchen remodeling because of the real return on investment kitchen remodeling adds for our customers. It is no surprise the kitchen is one of the first rooms to get a remodel by smart homeowners. Whether you choose a multi-purpose kitchen island or a breakfast bar overlooking the family room or great room or French Doors opening up to a patio deck, our Company can help you transform your outdated kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Desert Home and Remodel Kitchen Remodel Projects


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