Room Additions

Room additions or new home purchases? Common thoughts homeowners face as they begin to realize they need more space in their Palm Springs area homes. The reasons for room additions vary among our customers from having another child, starting a new home business, having an elderly family member move in or just needing some extra space to feel less crowded.

For a number of Coachella Valley homeowners moving is not an option because of the memories that your home holds and the neighborhood you live in. Room additions allow you to keep the home you love while getting the room that you want or need. Whether you live in Palm Desert, Indio or Rancho Mirage, Desert Home and Remodel specializes in room additions that allow you to keep the home you love while getting the room that you want or need.

Room Addition Options

With almost an infinite number of room addition options, you can choose to add on vertically or horizontally and add an entire floor or wing to your home, enlarge a room which is too small or choose to add an outside addition, such as a casita, porch or deck instead.

Desert Home and Remodel offers a variety of room addition options and some of the more popular choices we have developed in La Quinta, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Springs include:

Casita La Quinta PGA West

○ Attached Casitas: separate entry as well as access from the main house.
○ Detached Casitas: with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and access to the outdoor living spaces.
○ Room Enlargements by Removing or Relocating Interior Walls and Doors
○ Garage Additions and Conversions
○ Sunrooms
○ Bathroom Additions: such as a bedroom that shares a bathroom creating an Ensuite.
○ Decks and Porches


Our experience can help you expand and open up your existing living space for your enjoyment and the comfort of your guests.

Schedule an Appointment and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your room addition needs.