What will the job cost me?

The cost for any job is based on working drawings and a complete description of the scope of work. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you.

Will I need a permit?

Most interior cosmetic remodels will not require a permit from the local municipality, however, projects involving plumbing, electrical, and structural modifications will require a permit.

Will I need HOA approval?

Most Homeowners Associations will require Architectural Review Committee approval for any project that will be visible from the street, from your neighbors, and, if you live on a golf course, if the project is visible from the golf course.

How long will the job take to complete?

The project duration time will depend on the scope of work.

Can I make changes during construction?

Yes, however, that may impact the time line for completion of the remodel project.

Can I select the material suppliers?

Yes, however, our long standing relationships with material suppliers allows for very competitive pricing.

Can I live in the home during construction?

In most cases, you may continue to live in the home during the renovation or remodel project. There will be some cases when this will not be possible.

Will I need an Interior Designer?

Our suppliers and our staff have the experience to provide assistance with the selection of interior and exterior finishes, however, for more extensive projects that include color shades, furniture and furnishings, we recommend that you consider the services offered by an interior designer.